How to Train Your Dog?

Training is a critical part of your dog’s daily routine. Studies have shown that teaching your dog’s new commands and techniques can help them alleviate stress and make them more calm, gentle, and docile. But you might have wondered how do owners teach dogs to follow their commands? In this blog, we are going to tell you how.


This is a list of a few dogs training commands that you can easily teach at home with only a few treats in your hand:


1) Dog Training Command: Sit


Let’s start with the basics. Sit is the easiest command that any dog can quickly master. This technique makes your dog much more obeying and calmer than it was ever before


  • Unpack your dog’s favorite treat and pick one in your hand.
  • Move the treat closer to your furry friend’s nose.
  • Let your dog sniff the treat. Careful, don’t let it take a bite.
  • Slowly, move your hand up. Your dog’s head will move along.
  • Once your dog gets into the sitting position, loudly say, “Sit.” Then praise your canine friend and give it the treat.


Repeat these steps on different occasions, and in no time, your dog will become the master of the “sit” technique.




2) Dog Training Command: Stay


Making your dog stay for an extended period of time is basically what the “stay” command is all about. If your dog is the champion of the “sit” command, it can also

learn the “stay” command.


  • First, bring your dog into the sitting position.
  • Then bring out your palm in front of the dog and say, “stay.”
  • Walk a few steps. If your pal remains sitting, share affection, and treat.
  • Gradually increase your walk distance and repeat the above steps.


This dog training technique makes your dog stop following you to the places you don’t want it to. Similarly, it hinders your dog from meddling while you do the chores.




3) Dog Training Command: Come


The third on our list is another basic training technique known as “come.” This technique allows your dog to follow you either when finding the opportunity, it runs away from home, or when you want to show your friends how obeying your partner actually is!


  • First, make your dog sit.
  • Then, take a leash of small length and put it on your dog.
  • Call its name followed with “come,” like “Julie, come.”
  • If your dog comes, award it with a treat and love.
  • Repeat the steps but this time, use a leash of greater length.
  • Once your dog becomes pro with the leash, you can remove the leash and repeat the steps.



4) Dog Training Command: Leave it


Last but not least, this training technique is arguably the best when it comes to stopping your dog from eating something that’s not good or making it leave the neighbor’s toy from chewing and tossing.


  • First, get your dog to sit.
  • Next place before your dog, one of your fists enclosed with a treat.
  • When your dog starts sniffing, licking, barking your fist, say, “leave it!”
  • Once your dog calms down, treat him with the other hand.
  • You ought to repeat these steps until your dog starts leaving that clenched fist alone since your first call.
  • You can also try practicing with a toy. Once your dog leaves the toy alone praise it with a treat.