Effective dog training can be a challenge at times. You’ll find this to be especially true if  your dog is of a stubborn breed. Sadly, some dog owners become frustrated and angry  when training isn’t progressing as well as she or he thinks it should. Some masters take  to treating the dog cruelly. Hitting or kicking a dog for any reason aside from self 

protection during an attack will only complicate matters. 

If you want to establish yourself as the pack leader, then you’ll need to earn his respect. A  dog who respects his owner will obey his or her commands. On the other hand, a dog  that is treated with cruelty and disrespect will only become afraid of their master. This fear  can lead to the dog turning to biting the hand that strikes him.  

Being in the dominant position within the dog’s mind can only be brought about through  mutual respect and a strong, positive bond between you and him.  

Positive reinforcement along with firm but gentle leash control is really the only way to  carry out dog training successfully. If you find yourself becoming angry with your dog then  you may want to take a time out and calm down. You don’t want to allow yourself to  resort to cruelty in any form. It’s unrealistic to believe that you can control your dog if you  can’t control yourself. 

Once you’ve regained your composure you can try again. Remind yourself that you’re  looking for opportunities to praise your dog for obeying you rather than to punish him for  disobedience. The old adage “with honey you will catch more flies …” certainly rings true  when training a dog.. 

There are other forms of cruelty besides physical violence. Anything that violates the  dog’s rights as a living creature or purposely causes the dog become fearful or  despondent is cruelty. This includes: 

  • Keeping a dog tied to a chain without opportunities to get adequate exercise. • Starvation 
  • Unhealthy living conditions 
  • Leaving a dog in his crate for extended periods of time or otherwise keeping him  contained in tight quarters.