It’s a common belief that all dogs will try to be dominant in the presence of other  dogs. Because of this some dog owners shy away from taking their dog with them  for a walk in the park. Fearing that a dog fight will ensue they choose instead to  keep their dog at home when they leave the house. 

A little understanding of the truth about dog behavior and the nature of dogs in  general will help to ease any fears about this. Then you can start taking Fido along  with you and enjoy a leisurely stroll together. If you establish yourself as the  dominant one you can better control your dogís behavior, even when other dogs  are around. 

Perhaps you have observed a group of dogs at play. During a social encounter of  all-male, or mixed-gender dogs, one of them always establishes himself as the  Alpha Male. It is always a male dog that takes this position of leadership. The  Alpha Male will insist on submission from the other dogs. This is not a despotic  position though because he will also look after and protect the lesser ones. There  is rarely a fight about this. Some dogs are naturally submissive and fall right into  their place within the pack. 

Taking this into consideration you’ll want to establish yourself as the Alpha Male in  your dog’s mind. Even a woman or a child can accomplish this. You can insist on  submission and obedience. Your dog will gladly comply without much fuss if he’s  received the proper training. 

Here are a few pointers to help you with dominance training. 

When feeding your dog he must sit and wait for you to give him permission to  approach the bowl.  

When you both are walking through a doorway, make sure that you go first. He  must always wait for you to go first. It’s unacceptable for him to shove past you. 

When you walk together he must remain at your side. It may be funny in a cartoon  for a dog to lead his master around while on a leash, but it’s nothing that you want  to allow. 

If your dog ignores your command to come at your command then you need to  change that behavior right away. Walk sternly toward him and surround him with  an air of dominance. You can force him to obey by lowering your voice, pointing  toward where you want him to go, and blocking him from escape. If your dog is  submissive toward you then he will comply without confrontation.

Once you’ve established yourself as the leader during dominance training you can  better control your dog in the presence of other dogs. It’s certainly ok to allow your  dog to interact in a non-aggressive way socially. You can let the dogs get to know  each other in the unique way that dogs do. Then should the other dog misbehave  you can easily remove your dog from the situation with the peace of mind that you  are ultimately the one in control.