Have you just brought home a new puppy? If so you have much to look forward to.  A puppy can bring happiness into a home nearly as much as a new baby can.  Unlike a human baby though, your puppy will grow quickly into an adult. He’ll go  through many changes very quickly. Puppies certainly need plenty of love and  attention. With beneficial training he’ll soon become a cherished member of the  family. 

Your new puppy has his own unique personality along with traits that are common  to his breed. How he responds to the recent change in his surroundings will  depend on these factors. Some puppies may be frightened at first. It’s not unusual  for a scared puppy to hide behind the couch or under a bed.  

Some puppies get very excited about their new home. Your new puppy may want  to jump on you and lick you like a lollipop. He may run around aimlessly exploring  his new home. You’ll want to curb this kind of behavior though from the first day. In  short time you can begin providing further training for your puppy. Especially from  the start you wouldn’t want to overlook any signs of aggression.  

Another matter that you will want to attend to right away is to introduce him to his  own areas. He’ll feel more comfortable knowing that he has a place of his own.  This includes where he sleeps and where he does his business. Take him outside  at the first sign of needing to go. If he has an accident it’s not necessary to strike  him or rub his nose in it. Simply taking him to his area outside will reinforce that  this is where he needs to go. In short time he’ll make the connection and scratch  at the door or whine to go out. As with all training it’s important to be consistent  with your new puppy about this. 

Your puppy will also begin to teethe very soon and needs to chew on things. To  save your furniture from damage it’s a good idea to provide him with chew toys.  Raw-hide chips are available at most any grocery or discount store and are  excellent for pup to cut teeth on. 

Get to know as much as possible about your puppy’s breed or breeds as the case  may be. Try to take into account his natural temperament when training too.  Hopefully you’ve chosen a breed that is conducive to your lifestyle and your new  puppy will fit right in. 

As your puppy grows he may begin to lose some of his “cuteness”. Even though  he is becoming an adult, he still needs attention and love. Spending plenty of  quality time with your puppy throughout his entire lifetime will create a special  bond between you and him. He’ll love you and want to protect you, your family, 

and your home. After all, that is your puppy’s new job and he’ll carry it out gleefully  when that bond is strong.