There are lots of dog lover’s clubs in the US that offer a lot more for both the  dog lovers and their dogs. Here are some of them. 

The American Kennel Club has a dog lovers section called “For the Love of  the Purebred Dog”. This article is more than a canine purebred section. It is  dedicated to living at home with dogs. This dog club gives informative and  educational materials pertaining to pet care, training, nutrition and a lot  more. It also includes funny stories, art, pet history and the more popular  Companion Animal Recovery method. There are also more popular sites like  the dog breeds and events page.  

The American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration or (AMBOR) on the other  hand was created in 1983 with the objective of taking into accounts the  perseverance and accolades in obedience contests of mix breed dogs and  handlers. This dog lovers club also gives support and inspiration to dog  handlers.  

Important Information for Members: 

  1. Mixed-breeds 

Unlimited full membership is open to handlers and owners of mixed-breed  dogs as long as the pet is spayed and nails are cut. There should be front  and side photo shots of the dog that will be included in the application. This  is the ticket to all the obedience and agility programs, automatic tabulation  

in the agility and obedience nationwide ranking system. This also includes a  given eligibility for the annual awards. 

This achievement will be given honor in AMBOR highlights (AMBOR’S  newsletter) and on the website. The member will be eligible to any agility  and obedience national competition in the future. Dogs with assigned  numbers are marked as purebred and should be enlisted as a purebred.  Also, dogs that are listed as mixed-breeds that are given a number based on  the owner’s application causes its membership to be changed to a status of a  purebred.  

  1. Purebreds 

Purebred dogs can be listed with AMBOR with a rule that entry is limited to  the AMBOR-supported agility program. All dogs that are purebred, listed with  AMBOR and exhibits AMBOR-supported programs on agility will have  competition points monitored and there will be an automatic issuance of  certificates. 

Dogs that are purebred and listed with AMBOR are not qualified to be a part  of the agility and obedience scoring systems. They will also not be included  in the website on highlights and not qualified for any mixed-breeds national  competition in the future.  

Handlers that register to the AMBOR-supported trials on agility should put  their AMBOR number on the form at the club’s entrance so that competition  points will be monitored.