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Pet Grooming Is A Responsibility


Many pets purchased today are purebred.  The elaborate care required for maintaining health and value should be known and the responsible owner will follow these guidelines.  A large amount of households, however, still follow tradition and have chosen a mixed-breed house pet.  These individuals may feel that the responsibilities for pet ownership are limited to veterinarian care, food, toys and accessories, but the family who is gifted with a “free” puppy or kitten must also consider the necessity of pet grooming when compiling the expenses and responsibilities for the newest family member.


The family, who chooses a short-haired pet, may feel that this will alleviate the obligation for daily grooming; this is however, a mistaken thought process.  The shorter haired pet will still require regular brushing to stimulate a healthy coat and reduce loose pet hair.  The indoor pet will invariably leave hair throughout their environment, so brushing is essential for a cleaner home.  In addition, indoor pets are subjected to the same environmental influences as their human family.  Dry, hot, furnace heat and artificial cooling systems dehydrate the skin causing it to flake and slough off.  Although perhaps more apparent amongst darker-toned breeds, this same process is occurring in the family pet.  Dandruff-like flaking will appear on the dog or cat’s coat when stimulated either by hand or brush, indicating dry skin.


Supplements or vitamins may need to be included into the pet’s diet for complete relief, but the inclusion of regular baths into the pet grooming routine will provide the greatest improvement.  Some individuals may choose to do this themselves, however the local pet groomer will also perform this for a reasonable fee.


Proper pet grooming does not end with the animal’s skin and coat, as other needs will require regular attention as well.  The home that now includes a domestic cat will need its members to be diligent in training the animal to use a scratching post.  Failing this, the decision to de-claw the feline used to be the only option; however, today’s pet grooming advances have made it possible to live with the offending talons.  A pet groomer can be enlisted to clip the tips of the front claws or soft pads can be applied to the claw, thus keeping the nails from damaging inappropriate surfaces.  If started at a young age, the adult cat will readily submit to either of these procedures, however the responsible pet owner should speak to their veterinarian about which options would be the best for the animal and the expense that will be included in the pet’s regular grooming routine.


The family, who has chosen to bring a dog into the home, must also realize their responsibilities in regards to nail care.  Regardless of size, a dog’s nails can be damaging if not kept to a proper length.  This damage does not just include the family home and property, but can also extend to the animal itself.  Nails that are not clipped may cause the pet to walk awkwardly or lead to other foot problems; therefore this is a maintenance necessity.  Some dogs are submissive and do not require any assistance; however, this is not often the case.  The veterinarian may be needed to perform this grooming necessity.  This could become quite expensive; however, many pet professionals will eagerly train the pet owner to do this job themselves.  The pet owner should be aware, though that this is a procedure that is best begun as soon as possible and at regular intervals, as the normally docile family dog may react very adversely to the nail clipping regimen.



Regardless of the initial cost in procuring a family pet, the family needs to be aware and understand the responsibilities that they have now chosen to undertake.  The animal’s health must be maintained and this will require the procurement of a good medical professional.  In addition, though, the family must understand the obligations for regular pet grooming to assure a long and happy life for this family member.

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Pet Grooming as a Career


A pet grooming career can be an exciting vocation which offers adventure and profitability. A pet grooming vocation requires standards that even veterinarians and breeders do not have to follow.  You will fill a very important niche in the pet market and will become an important person to the animals you serve as well as their owners.  You will have to use hands on techniques towards the animals, and at the same time you’ll have to observe their behaviors and physical traits.  You will actually have to spend quality time with the animal.


This is an activity that many veterinarians and breeders do not do.  During this quality time, you must be able to judge the mental and physical characteristics of the animal and report to the owner. You are almost a reporting agency due to the fact that if you see that the animal has been mistreated by the owner it is required for you to call the veterinarian immediately.


One of the skills of a pet grooming expert is to be able to look at the individual breed and decide what type of coat that dog might have.  For example, the Labrador retriever has two coats.  Its first coat is a fine down fur that is close to the skin and provides warmth during the winter and water activities.  The second coat is a long, thin, fine hair that is used as a water repellent.  This allows the dog to dry off quickly and to protect the inner coat. The skill that the grooming expert needs to proficient in is to know how short to trim or to trim at all.  To cut the hair too short would leave the under coating hair and the skin open to dangerous situations.  These situations could be exposure to the sun, which would cause skin irritation or skin cancer.


If you think that you have these skills, you may be able to be a pet grooming professional. There are several options in which to train for your vocation. There are many pet grooming schools in the United States.  Some are the brick-and-mortar variety where you will attend daily classes.   Other pet grooming courses are offered online, and this would allow the student to partake in the classes at their own leisure.  Once the program is completed a certificate will be issued.  This certificate can be taken to the state board responsible for certification.  Some states do not require certification, but the certificate is a symbol of professionalism in the field of pet grooming.


The pet grooming profession is a lucrative field in which the owners have the opportunity to choose what kind animals to groom and what fees they may charge. There is a shortage of  cat groomers and this could be a niche in which the groomer could be prosperous. There is also a shortage of groomers of all types in rural areas.  Moving to an area without pet grooming experts could be the start of a very profitable career.

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Pet Grooming and the Mental Health of Your Pet


How is pet grooming important to the mental health of your animal? Whether you own a cat, dog, our gerbil the mental health of your animal reflects the physical condition of that animal and the relationship between pet and owners.  Having your pet properly groomed is essential to maintaining a healthy balance of cleanliness and mental health.  The dog whose hair is too long for the summer or a cat whose nails are too long and need to be clipped are animals that are in dire need of care.  Proper pet grooming can provide an emotional symbol that you care for your pet andthe pet will respect the owner more when the quality time at the grooming is applied.


The simple bonding that is demonstrated between an animal and their owner during grooming is the most important aspect of the mental health of your animal.  while grooming, you are constantly hands-on, stroking your animal and pulling out mats and snags in their hair that may have been a source of discomfort.  As you groom your animal, the animal becomes more placid and at ease.  Your pets grooming method may include using brushes, clippers or variety of other instruments.  Let your pet smell, the instrument before you start applying it to their hair or skin.  The more familiar they are with the tools that you use, the less they will feel stressed having an unknown object structure near and on their body.


If you are using clippers that make a noise, turn them on a good distance from your gut.  Turn them off again and woke toward your pet, turning them on and gently putting the vibration next to the body.  When they realize that the clippers will not hurt them, they will be more susceptible in allowing you to cut their hair.


Any pet grooming must start with gentle words and soothing sounds.  After awhile, when grooming becomes a daily routine, your pet will be more appreciative inletting you groom them, plus they will become interested in wanting daily attention.  With the dual purpose of both grooming and bonding, the grooming session will produce a animal that has sharper instincts and better mental-health.  They will feel more secure in their home and will have trust in their owner as they find out that this new experience will not hurt them.  If you happen to cut the cuticle of the nail to short or cause any other kind of discomfort to your animal, make a big deal over it by giving them extra hugs and more attention.


They will realize that it was only a mistake, and the love and trust will come back.  Pet grooming to your animal is like receiving that gentle hug from a loved one.  You feel better after it and you wish that it would stop and happen more often. As your confidence in the pet grooming process grows so will the confidence grow in your animal. They will know that you will protect them and keep them as healthy as possible.

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Pet Groomers that Come to You


Dog owners have all been there. You turn your dog loose to run for just a few minutes and the next thing you know man’s best friend is scratching at your door, there once gleaming coat caked with dirt and debris, and emitting an incredibly foul odor. You now have two options. You can lock your dog outside and hope that it rains hard enough in the near future to wash them clean, or you can take valuable time out of your day and drag them to your local pet groomer.


There is another, less time consuming way to remove the embarrassing odor from your dog’s fur. You might consider enlisting the aid of a mobile pet grooming service.


Never heard of a mobile pet grooming service? Think of it as a canine day spa that has been condensed and put on wheels. Most mobile pet grooming companies have built their pet grooming stations into the back of large vans or cargo trucks.


Pet owners who enlist the aid of a mobile pet grooming service will be stunned by the luxury their pets can enjoy without ever leaving their familiar surroundings. One mobile pet service company that operates in the United States has vans that are outfitted with blow dryers, and heated hydro baths, in addition to the pet groomers regular grooming tools and supplies. Some of the groomers that operate mobile pet units offer the pets they groom a vast selection of gourmet pet treats.


Pet owners who regularly use mobile pet units like the fact they are able to arrange the groomers around their work and personal commitments. Mobile pet groomers are willing to groom a person’s pets on weekends or after regular working hours when regular pet groomers close their shops and go home to spend time with their own pets.


Using a mobile pet grooming service means that pet owners do not have to arrange time to drive their pets into town and then drive them back home again. The mobile pet service saves them time and money. The time and money they save becomes something they can enjoy with the rest of their family/


It sounds strange, but using a mobile pet service could actually improve your dog’s overall health. Some dogs don’t like to leave their home. The act of getting into a car and driving into town for a scheduled appointment with a pet groomer gives them anxiety attacks. The experience is stressful for everybody involved, the pet owner, the professional groomer. and most importantly the dog. Pet owners who have dogs that don’t like traveling generally avoid having their dog groomed. That leads to the second way a mobile pet grooming service can improve your dog’s health. A professional dog groomer will notice changes in your dogs hair coat and skin that could indicate health problems if not dealt with immediately.


Many mobile pet groomers start out as a small hobby for a pet groomer, something they might do to start attracting a clientele, or a way to nurse a passion for pets. It is not unusual for these pet groomers to find that the business is so lucrative that their business expands so much they arrange for another mobile unit and hire extra professional groomers to drive it from one client to the next.

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Pet Bathing as Part of the Pet Grooming Experience


A house without a pet just isn’t complete.  Whether the ideal animal companion is a cat or dog, proper pet grooming is essential.  Purebred or mutt, exotic or domestic, eventually that same constant sidekick will need to be bathed.  The responsible pet owner will now need to determine if it is time to bring in the pet grooming professionals or to attempt this project under their own discretion.


If the house pet happens to be a cat, many individuals feel that bathing is an unnecessary undertaking.  True, a cat will commonly clean themselves to the best of their ability, however environmental and household conditions can determine the need for a full bath.  Store-brand cat litter can often hold odor more discerningly than that of premium quality.  This litter box odor eventually begins to permeate the general smell of the family pet.  Upon noticing this condition, the cat owner will need to “freshen” the feline.  This can be best achieved by pouring baking soda under lukewarm running water into a large sink or washtub.  Once the baking soda has dissolved, carefully grasp two of the cat’s paws in one hand, while doing the same with the other paws.  Slowly lower the feline into the waiting water.  The owner must take care in their own demeanor and remain calm and soothing during this process.


Most cats will not take kindly to this treatment, especially if it is a new pet grooming experience, and some may holler about the indignity of the situation.  Contrary to the cat’s belief, the experience should not be too upsetting and fortunately, upon becoming dry, most cats will eventually forgive their offending owner.  If, however, the cat has been exposed to other items such as grease, or tree sap, the owner will need to perform a full bath complete with mild shampoo.  If kitty has not had the experience of the “freshening” or other assisted bathing, this may be the time to contact a pet grooming expert as their facilities are better equipped to accommodate the angry and easily antagonized feline.


The family dog will also need bathing, although on a more regular basis than the feline family members.  A small dog may be cleaned easily in the kitchen sink as the spray attachment is a perfect tool for rinsing.  Thoroughly wet the animal’s coat, and apply a liberal amount of mild pet shampoo.  Quality shampoos are available in many discount stores and a full-line pet store can provide additional choices for specific problems such as fleas, ticks, or dry skin problems.   After lathering the coat, it is essential to remove all residue of the shampoo.


The animal must be rinsed with clean water numerous times to ensure that no soap is left on the skin.  A longer haired animal might now benefit from the use of a conditioner.  The use of this product will leave the coat silky, shiny, and smelling pleasant, in addition, conditioner provides another avenue for insuring that all shampoo residues has been removed.  After bathing, the pet owner will find that brushing will be must easier when facilitated with this product.


If the pet is of the short or wire-haired variety, the owner will find that a final rinse with a mixture of one-half gallon of water with two tablespoons of cider vinegar will effectively remove any residual soap and give the coat a healthy glow.  If bathing is part of your pet grooming regime, be confident with your skills or call a pet grooming expert.

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Nail Trimming An Important Part Of Pet Grooming


An essential part of pet grooming is the trimming of your pet’s nails. If you live in a house with wooden floors, the click, click, click of your pet’s nails when they walk on that floor can drive you crazy. Not only is it irritating for the members of your family, it is an indication that your animal’s nails need to be cut. This is important because long nails can cause pain to your animal’s feet and they can be used as a weapon whether on purpose or by accident. The nails can also cause damage to furniture or carpet.


Pet grooming experts use special precautions when clipping the nails of a dog or cat. The nail trimmers must be able to securely go over the diameter of the nail and not angled at all. To try this task at home, one must know where to cut and how deep down the nail to clip. The trick is to locate the cuticle and not to cut into it. There is a vein that runs part way up the nail starting at the base.  Within this vein there are blood vessels and nerve endings.  If you should happen to cut into this vein, the nail will begin to bleed and there will certainly be pain involved. If your pet shows any sign of pain stop, what you’re doing and comfort the animal..


Most animals do not like pet grooming and the ordeal of nail trimming can be a very a stressful time for them.  The best method is to sit down beside your dog or cat, and began to brush their coat.  Once they are calm and comfortable place their paw into your hand.  Do not show them the clippers at first, but massage their feet like you would if you were playing with them. Gently put the nail into the opening of the nail trimmers and slowly but firmly clip the nail.


Professional pet groomers are a little more experienced and they clip the nails at a faster rate than the novice. Take your time and be aware of how your pet reacts to having their nails clipped.  If you do happen to cut the blood vessel in the center the nail, grab a clean cloth or sanitary paper towel to put pressure on the nail until the bleeding stops.  If you are cutting the nails inside of your house the animal may track blood upon your carpet or floor.  The pet grooming expert uses different tactics when it comes to trimming nails.  They will sometimes restrain your dog using straps or placing them into a small enclosed area.  Here they can pull the dogs paw through a hole in the containment box and clip at will. This method it’s very stressful upon the animal, and sometimes your animal might be better served by you clipping their nails at home.


Nail clipping for some animals is a horrible experience.  Your pet may try to bite you or try to get away from you, putting both the owner and the animal at serious injury.  If you in any way feel nervous about clipping nails, it is better not to even attempt it.  Let a pet grooming expert clip your animal nails or have it done the next time you visit the veterinarian.

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Making Sure Your Pet Guinea Pig is Properly Groomed


The site of a guinea pig nosing around in a pile of fresh shavings is an image that brings a smile to both parent’s and children alike.


A large population of adults have fond memories of the guinea pig they raised as a child. It doesn’t take a lot of encouragement before they are describing the way it looked and recounting the adventures they shared. Most parents who had guinea pigs during their childhood are normally quick to make sure that their children have a pet guinea pig to call their own.


Parents like the idea of guinea pigs as a child’s first gift for a variety of reasons. Compared to cats and dogs, guinea pigs are a cheap pet. Even rescuing a kitten from an animal shelter can cost more then fifty dollars, a young, well cared for guinea pig can be purchased for fifteen dollars. The average guinea pig doesn’t need as much veterinary care as a dog or cat. A guinea pig can be kept in the child’s bedroom, it doesn’t run around the house, disrupting the entire household. In short a guinea pig is a smart choice to teach a child about the responsibility needed to care for a pet.


One of the skills that children will develop when they are raising a guinea pig is pet grooming. Despite their diminutive size, guinea pigs, like dogs and cats, need to be groomed on a regular basis.


Parents who are concerned that their child will be lax about grooming their pet guinea pig should make sure that they purchase a short haired breed of guinea pig. The short hair will not tangle and mat like their long haired counterparts. Brushes that have soft bristles are the best for brushing guinea pigs, the soft bristles wont hurt the guinea pig’s skin.


When you guinea pig comes home, teach your child how to examine its eyes and ears and nose, to make sure that they are clean and free of debris. Show them how to use a warm slightly wet washcloth to gently wipe any mucus that might be accumulating in the corners of their eyes.


Guinea pigs don’t require a great deal of of brushing, and they shouldn’t be bathed. They do need to have their nails clipped. This is an activity that the parent needs to supervise. Explain to your child that they are not suppose to remove the guinea pigs entire nail, that the only thing that is going to be removed with the nail clippers is the sharp tip of the nail. On a guinea pig that has white nails you should be able to see the tiny blood vessels that run through the nails, explain to your child that the blood vessels represent a living part of the nail, that the goal is to trim the nail with hurting the tiny blood vessels. If your pet guinea pig has dark nails your probably wont be able to see the blood vessels, on dark nailed guinea pigs the rule of thumb is to trim approximately 1/4 of an inch of the guinea pigs nail.


The biggest problem with guinea pigs is that they stink.  The scent of an unclean guinea pig cage can quickly drive the entire family from the house. It is important to make sure that your child understand that it is extremely important to clean the guinea pigs cage every day. Explain that the health of their guinea pig as well as the family harmony depends on them keeping the cage clean and the bedding fresh.

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Home Pet Grooming Tips


Pet grooming can be performed by the owner or from a professional who has gone to school to learn the craft. If you are a do-it-your-self type person there are several safety tips you might want to keep in mind. The animal you are grooming is special to you and you will want to keep the animal safe and calm during the pet grooming experience. Any undue pain or injury caused by unsafe practices can cause emotional stress to your animal and damage to the trust level the pet may have with you. The following tips will ensure a safe and pleasurable pet grooming experience.


Most pets do not like this, but the excess hair that forms in the ears must be clipped. Excess hair can build moisture that will trap bacteria and cause ear infections or be a breeding ground for ear mites. These types of afflictions can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort. Infections cause the animal to scratch and shake their head. Mites can actually cause the animal to do damage to their inner canal as they stick their nails inside trying to scratch. Large eared dogs already have a predisposition for ear problems and the shaking of their ears back in forth can rupture blood vessels. Professional pet groomers have specialized equipment to remove ear hair, but the novice may use nose hair trimmers to get the same effect. The noise of the clippers may scare the pet, so stroke him with the other hand and offer soothing words to calm them.


Another novice mistake is to shave the animal all the way. Pet grooming experts will do this at the request of the owner, but it is ill advised if the animal is an outside pet. The coat protects the animal from the cold and also from the sun. Both elements can cause serious skin damage to your pet which could lead to expensive veterinarian bills. The lack of hair on the body can cause rashes. The hair in some breeds secrete essential oils that protect and lubricate the skin, while others such as Labradors have two coats that serve different functions for the animals safety. Try to shave mats as close as possible until you are able to work them out with a brush. Even shaving mat patches to the skin will leave your pet in danger of the sun and wind.


If you use a clipper, brush the hair backwards against the grain and then move your clippers with the grain. Pet grooming experts may use a variety of length of clipper combs that can be used in variance with the length and thickness of the coat. The novice pet groomer may use home hair clipper systems, but they should experiment first in one unnoticeable area before continuing the entire job. When shaving the underbelly, beware the nipples.


Even on a male pet this can a painful experience if they are cut or cut off. Home pet grooming is an inexpensive way to keep your pet healthy and happy, but it is also a way for your pet to be injured or messed up so bad that only  professional pet grooming can fix the owners mistake.

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Grooming Your Pet Rabbit


Like cats rabbits pride themselves on cleanliness, that is why it is so easy to teach them to use the litter box. They spend several hours a day keeping grooming themselves, maintaining the quality of their skin and coat. Just because your pet rabbit spends a large amount of its day grooming itself that you are absolved from pet grooming. Rabbits, like all pets rely on their owners to set a grooming plan and then stick with it.


One of the most important things to do is to brush your rabbit at least once a day. The time you spend brushing your pet bunny will go along way in establishing a lifelong bond. The health benefits of brushing your pet rabbit include the removal of any dead hairs that your rabbit might other wise swallow. Once swallowed these hairs could form a hairball that can compromise your rabbit’s digestive system. If a hairball creates a blockage, your pet rabbit will have to go to the veterinarian where the resulting surgery could cost several hundred dollars. When you are brushing your rabbit bear in mind that the average rabbit sheds its old coat approximately every three months, during this period of time increase the frequency of your brushing, and prepare to vacuum your house twice as often, you’ll be amazed at how much hair comes off the tiny body. Rabbits have very delicate skin so look for a brush that has soft bristles and wont tear your pet bunnies skin. Some rabbit owners prefer a plastic wide toothed comb for their grooming.


When properly groomed and cared for long haired rabbits, like Angora’s, are gorgeous. The problem is keeping all that hair combed, clean, and free of mats is quite a chore. If a rabbit owner isn’t showing their long haired rabbit, they typically trim the hair so that it is only one inch long. This help keep the rabbit’s coat clean and free of mats but also keeps the rabbit more comfortable during the hot summer months. If you have never trimmed a rabbit’s long hair before, you might want to take your rabbit to a professional pet groomer and watch how it’s done before you try it yourself. When using the clippers or scissors, be very careful that you don’t damage the rabbits skin.


If you find a spot where the rabbit’s hair has become so tangled that it has turned into a mat, refrain from using a pair of scissors to remove the mat. It is better if you use a comb and patiently work the mat loose, a few hairs at a time. If you find that this is to trying on your patience, you might want to take your pet rabbit to a professional pet groomer and have them remove the mats with a pair of electric clippers.


Every few weeks, check and make sure that your rabbit’s nails haven’t gotten to long. If you think they are looking long, or notice that they are starting to catch on your carpeting it is time to trim them. If you have never done this before take your rabbit to a pet groomer or veterinarian and watch how it is done first. If you are comfortable on your own be careful that you don’t trim the nails so short that they bleed and your rabbit is to uncomfortable to move around.

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Grooming Your Pet-It Doesn’t Have to be Difficult


Their are pet owners who will not groom their pets because whenever they try the experience turns into a bad experience that leaves both the pet and the owner with strained nerves and shaken confidence. Some of these pet owners, knowing that their pet is in desperate need of a good grooming, bring their pets to a professional pet groomer, hoping that the groomer knows some magic trick that will make their unruly pet behave. Most of these pet owners are devastated when they return to the groomers to pick up their pet and find out that the best the groomer was able to do was a partial job, they send the pet home half clipped and uncombed, telling the owner that the pet is their responsibility.


The hard truth is that some pets really don’t like to be groomed. Dogs, who are perfectly happy to splash in mud puddles and swim in rivers, develop an unreasonable fear of water when their owner starts to unroll a hose. Cats who are happy to spend the entire day being stroked by their human, turn into shrieking banshees when that same owner picks up a brush.


The first thing a pet owner has to understand is that if they brush or bath their pet at home, there is absolutely no way a pet groomer is going to be able to. Professional groomers are people who know how to make a pet look good, they aren’t animal trainers. Pet owners shouldn’t expect them to turn into trainers when they drop their pet off at the pet groomers.


The easiest way to teach your pet that grooming is a pleasurable experience is to start grooming them when they are very young. Sure puppies and kittens squirm around a lot, and grooming them will be difficult, but they are still small. They are a lot easier to hold onto know then they will be a year or two down the road. And remember, part of the reason they are squirming and wiggling around is because they are so happy to be with you. If you start brushing their coats and washing their eats now, they will start to associate those activities with one on one time.


Make sure that you spend some time handling and cleaning your pets ears. The more their ears get handled at a young age the easier it will be for your veterinarian to inspect and treat any ear infections your pet might develop later in life.


Dog and cat owners all know that trimming their pets nails can be a monstrous engagement. Although you shouldn’t have to trim the nails of your new puppy or kitten, you can make play with their feet and start getting them accustomed to the feel of your fingers against their paws. This will make your life easier down the road.


When your grooming process is complete reward your young pet with treats and play time. It won’t be very long before they learn that sitting still through the grooming process means that they will get to the fun stuff faster.


If you are having a bad day, avoid grooming your pet. They will pick up on your negative energy and be uncomfortable being trapped on your lap. Instead of grooming, spend the time playing a game with your puppy or kitten. They won’t feel trapped and will still have your undivided attention which will make them happy, and you will find that watching them play will have a therapeutic effect on your mental health.


Make each and every grooming session a positive experience for both you and your new pet.

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