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Grooming Your House Cat-The Items You’ll Need


Cats are fascinating creatures. They share a history with humans that rivals dogs. Some cultures have history’s that portray cat’s as good warm hearted creatures, while other cultures have folktales that tell tales about cats being the root of all that is evil. On one hand cat’s are warm creatures that look forward to cuddling and loving their humans, on the other hand the same cat can go for weeks without ever looking at its human.


One of the most intriguing things about cats is their cleanliness. Cats practically house train themselves, just show them where the litter box and they are ready to use it, if you keep the litter box clean you cat will reward you by never making a mess in your house, (although some do prefer potted plants to the litter box). Most cats are happy to spend hours cleaning themselves, using their tongues to remove the dust from their bodies and to straighten their hair. Watching a cat bathe itself can be a hypnotic experience for its owners.


We are so accustomed to our house cats taking care of their own hygienic needs that we sometimes forget that they, just like dogs, need us to help with their grooming. It is the cat owners responsibility to make sure that the cat’s nails are trimmed, that any particularly nasty mats and knots are removed from their coats, and that their teeth are kept clean and free of tarter and decay. In order to make sure that your cat is properly groomed you need a very basic set of equipment, your toolbox of cat grooming supplies.


The fist item you need in your cat grooming toolbox is a brush. This brush have bristles that are strong enough to remove mats and debris from your cats coat, but still soft enough that they won’t pull and tear at your cat’s delicate skin. If you have a cat that seems to be particularly susceptible to getting massive knots in its coat you will want to invest in a specially designed mat spreader.


Unless you have had your house cat declawed your cat will need to have its nail clipped. In the wild cats need their sharp claws to defend themselves and to help them capture and kill prey, Feral cats keep their nail from becoming overly long by walking around on hard surfaces that wear down the nail, keeping it sharp. The only real use house cats have for their claws is scratching furniture and occasionally swiping at their human caretakers. It is the caretakers responsibility to make sure the cat’s nail get trimmed whenever they get long. If you have never trimmed  a cat’s nails watch a professional pet groomer or your cat’s veterinarian trim your cat’s nail first.


Dental care is an important part of your cat’s overall health. It is important to make sure that your cat’s teeth are clean and free of signs of decay. Consult your veterinarian will be able to help you select products designed for optimal feline health.

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Getting the Stink out of Your Dog


Dog owners who live near a forest, beside a river, or on a farm will be quick to tell you that there is something about stinky, decaying, items that appeals to dogs. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is black swamp water, dead fish, or a pile of slimy manure, if it stinks and can be rolled in, the dog is happy. While smelling like a walking barking sewer system is a dogs idea of heaven on earth, its owners are normally less then enthusiastic. The odor emitting from their pet means that they have to take time out of their busy day to either take their pet to the pet groomer and have it bathed, or they have to bath their dog themselves. Even then there is no way that they can be sure that the offensive odor will wash out of the dog’s coat.


Dog experts believe that dogs roll in things like dead fish, road kill, and manure in an attempt to disguise themselves. What nobody know is why they feel the need to camouflage their scent. It could be a throwback to the days when they hunted their dinner, if the prey couldn’t smell them, they stood a better chance of capturing something to eat. Another reason dogs might feel the need to hide their scent is protections. They might be trying to hide from potential predators or other packs of once feral dogs. Maybe stinking like a landfill made it easier to be accepted into another pack. On the other hand its possible that dogs roll in the stinkiest object they can find just because it feels good. Nobody really knows for sure why dogs feel the need to smell.


The quickest, most efficient way to remove odor from your dog’s coat is to wash your dog. Try to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs. Human shampoos can strip the dogs coat of its natural oils, leaving the skin unprotected and open to rashes and infections. Dog shampoos are made to clean the dog’s coat, without stripping it of the natural oils. If the dogs stink is especially strong, like the scent of a skunk, bathing the dog in tomato juice is one of the quickest ways to remove the smell.


If you have dog that consistently rolls in stinky, smelly items, you may want to consider taking him to a professional pet groomer and having his coat clipped. The shorter coat will be more comfortable for the dog during the hot summer months and while the shorter hair wont prevent your dog from rolling in the smelly items, the shorter coat will be easier for you to wash, and will dry faster.


If you have bathed you dog and still notice a strong odor whenever it is in your presence the source of the smell might not be the dog’s coat but a more serious health problem. When they have dental issues they have breath the smells so foul that you can smell it throughout your entire house. Strong breath odor can also indicate more serious diseases such as kidney failure and diabetes. Dog’s are also prone to having anal sacs that become impacted and infected, and therefore extremely stinky. If washing your dog does not seem to take care of the odor you will want to take your dog to your veterinarian and have the stinky problem officially diagnosed so that treatments can begin.

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Flea Baths-An Important Part of Your Cat’s Grooming Regime


There is very little worse for a family then living in a house with a cat that is suffering from a flea infestation. It’s bad enough that your cat is always scratching and clawing at itself, even ripping large hunks of hair and flesh from its body in an attempt to rid itself of the biting insects. But unfortunately there is nothing to prevent the fleas from staying on the cat. If the problem is left untreated, you could quickly find that your entire house is full of fleas, and that you are being bitten nearly as often as your pet house cat.


It is important to stop the fleas before they start to take over your home.


Preventive medicine is the best way to make sure that your pet and house stay flea free. There are several topical medications available on today’s market that are designed to prevent fleas from feasting on your cat. Most of the products are quite successful provided the cat owner follow the directions and use them properly.


Flea collars are a traditional favorite of pet owners in the war against fleas. Strapping a flea collar around you cat’s neck will help prevent fleas from sipping your pet’s blood provided your cat is not adept at slipping the collar from around its neck. If flea collars are your preferred method of flea control make sure that the collar is not so tight that your cat has difficulty breathing and eating but not so loose that your cat is in danger of getting caught on objects while it plays.


If your cat already has fleas, the fastest way to get rid of them is to give it a flea bath. Try to find a flea shampoo that is mild enough that it won’t hurt your cat or kitten. If you are unable to find a mild flea shampoo that you are confident wont irritate your cat’s skin or strip its hair of its natural oils, try using a shampoo that is designed for infants. Kitchen sinks are a wonderful place to give your cat a flea bath, because you can stand straight up while you are holding your cat in the water. Kitchen sinks are typically deeper then sinks located in other parts of the house.


When you are giving your pet cat a flea bath have plenty of towel at hand, both to dry your freshly washed pet, and to sop any excess water that gets inadvertently splashed on the counters and kitchen floor. If your cat is prone to bite and scratch when it’s placed in a sink full of water, you may want to invest in a pair of thick, tall falcon gloves that will protect your hands and arms. If you do get bitten by your cat while giving it a flea bath you will want to get to your doctors office right away, even cats that are kept inside, have dirty mouths and cat bites can get infected very quickly.


After your cat is clean and free of fleas, send some time cuddling it and brushing its freshly washed hair. Let it know that you really didn’t mean to torture it and that you still love it. Eventually your feline friend will forgive you.


Bathing your cat will be easier if it is something that you do to it on a regular basis. If you start bathing your kitten when you first get it, the cat will learn that baths are just a routine part of life and are nothing to stress over.

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Dogs that Itch


It makes dog owners crazy, the dog that has skin that is so itchy and uncomfortable that the dog is constantly scratching at itself, using paws and teeth to worry at the area until the dog has removed all the hair from the area and the remaining flesh is raw and bleeding. This bald area, a spot that most dog owners call a hot spot, is an eyesore and causes some dog owners such acute embarrassment that they are unable to take their dogs out in public. Other dog owners are steadily driven mad by the sound of their dog constantly ripping and tearing at its flesh, the sound of the scratching is frequently accompanied by the dog whining and crying as they rip at their flesh.


It doesn’t take very long before the dog owner is desperate for some means of treating their dog’s itchy skin.


There are several chemical treatments that can be used to help your dog with its itchy problem. Although most of these chemical treatments work, some dogs have severe and sometimes fatal, allergies to the chemicals. Dog owners would be wise to turn to grooming as their first defense against their dogs persistent itching.


The best policy for an itchy dog is to brush it on a daily basis. Most canine itching problems are caused by pollens, dirt, mats, and dander that stay on the dogs coat. If left on the dogs hair long enough the pollens, dirt, and dander start irritating the dogs skin and dog start chewing and biting at the offending spot. Brushing your dog’s hair just once a day will help prevent the build-up of items that can lead to itching problems. Not only will you be preventing a bout of itching your dog will love the time spent with its owner.


Bathing your dog is an excellent way to prevent your dog from developing an itching problem. But don’t plan on bathing your dog on a daily basis. To much water and shampoo will completely strip your dog of the oils that are naturally found on the dog’s skin. When these natural oils are stripped away the dog’s skin dries out and becomes more prone to infections. Dry skin in dogs is just as painful and scratchy to a dog as it is to a human that suffers from a similar condition, and dogs can rub lotion into themselves to correct the problem.


When you are grooming your dog make sure you pay attention to their ears. Dogs can get small biting insects called ear mites in their ears. When the ear mites start to bite the dogs start scratching at their ears, and excessive amount of clawing and pulling at the ear can lead to some potentially ear health issues. If you notice that their is peculiar odor emanating from your dog’s ears and that the dog no longer wants you to touch his ears he is probably developing an ear infection. Contact your local veterinarian for information about how to take care of your dog’s problematic ears.


If, despite your best efforts, your dog does develop a hot spot that he chews until it is raw and oozing blood, consult your veterinarian about what topical antibiotic cream you can rub into the hot spot that will prevent infection. If your dog has particularly nasty habit of clawing at the hot spot with their teeth, your veterinarian might recommend that they were a large cone shaped collar that will prevent them from scratching at the spot until it has had time to heal.

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Common Mistakes in Home Pet Grooming


When dog owners attempt pet grooming at home, there are several common mistakes that are made. Pet grooming is a skill, but with the right equipment and patience it can become a household duty that will save both time and money. You have to be careful. A slip of the clippers can cause injury to your animal. This is not only physical injury, but emotional. Trust is loss once pain is inflicted and your pet may not treat you the same afterward.


The first common mistake is getting to close to the skin while shaving. The clippers can leave a nasty razor burn that can open its way to later infections. If you accidentally give your pet a burn while grooming, stop and apply first aid. Put on some anti-bacteria salve and if possible clean the wound. Hug you pet and let it know that you are sorry and it was an accident. Though they might not understand the words, your pet will understand the tone and will react accordingly. The emotional pain is just as bad as the physical. Watch the wound carefully and if it becomes red or issues puss, contact your veterinarian immediately. If the animal licks or otherwise irritates the wound, you might want to get a protective plastic collar to stop the behavior.


Another mistake in novice pet grooming is getting shampoo or other chemicals in your pet’s eye. Either from your mistake or from the animal’s head movement soap can splash. This unintentional act will sting your pet’s eyes and lead to an unpleasant pet grooming experience. Wash the soap out with water or saline solution and dab the corners of the eye with a sterile cloth. Sooth you animal and try to take the focus off their eyes and maybe gain their attention by showing them a favorite toy or ball. Hold the toy up so the pet can see it. Move the toy back and forth. As your pet tracks the toy, look into their eyes for signs of irritation.


A possible fatal mistake in pet grooming is leaving your animal unrestrained or loose during grooming. Some animals, especially cats hate baths and will run at any opportunity. Your dog and cat can put themselves in dangerous situations by trying to escape the pet grooming activity. They may run out in the street and be hit by a care or be attacked by a stray animal. Make sure your dog is at least on a leash. You may even want to put a muzzle on your pet to protect both you and them. If you wash your dog outside, wash it in a fenced yard so that the temptation to run will be short lived and safe.


Pet grooming is best left to a professional. The temptation to do it yourself may lead to a successful experience that will be cheaper. The bonding time with the animal is another perk to grooming your pet yourself. It can be rewarding for both parities involved if the proper safety tips are followed and you as the owner fill comfortable in the enterprise.


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Top Natural Dry Dog Foods


Your dog will remain healthy and strong if the dog is fed with proper food. Carelessness in giving the right food may lead to a disaster. A variety of natural dry dog foods are available that can maintain the health of your dog. If you want to give your dog a real good meal then natural dry dog foods are the best choice.


Natural dry dog foods do not contain any meat by products, artificial flavors and colors or chemical preservatives. Ingredients used are of superior quality. At present there are more than 75 brands of  natural dry dog foods.


Here are the top 5 natural dry dog foods that are available in the market;


Advanced Dog rice and chicken formula is commonly preferred by many as it is a mixture of vitamins, wholegrains, minerals and proteins that maximize palatability, nutrient assimilation and digestibility. If you feed your dog with this high quality food then good health is guaranteed. It is prepared from human grade natural chicken. This nutritious food contains peas, carrots and brown rice.


The food is free of chemical additives, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. It is naturally preserved with the help of vitamin E. Artificial colors are not used. It provides complete and a balanced nutrition. This product is high in protein content which supports specific life stages. It contains antioxidants which help to maintain a healthy immune system.


Another type of food that is well known uses peak protein formula: This product is rich in protein. It will enhance the performance of your dog as it provides high energy levels. In this food chicken is a major source of protein. Other ingredients include tomato pomace, oats, potatoes and salmon which provide you the necessary vitamins, amino acids and minerals. This product is also low in carbohydrates and is generally given to adults.


Adult dogs maintenance formula is one of the top 5 natural dry dog foods. Protein in this product is highly digestible which increases the longevity of your dog. Brown rice and whole grains will enhance the condition and performance of your dog. It also provides vegetables that are required in maintaining a healthy skin. Ingredients used are all natural. By products are not used. Chemical preservatives as well as artificial flavors are not used.


The daily nutrition and health for adult which is a very famous dog food is uniquely prepared with the right balance of nutrients that provide active adult years for your dog.

The nutrition maintains the immune system of your dog. A healthy skin is guaranteed when your dog is given this product. In general it promotes overall wellness.


Fat reducing formula for less active or overweight dogs is another type of food that is very popular. It contains tri meat proteins which provide maximum health to your dogs. A high standard of quality is maintained while making this food and is sure to satisfy your dog’s needs.


These top 5 natural dry dog foods are very beneficial for your dogs. Depending on your age you should provide one of the top 5 natural dry dog foods.

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Nutro Natural Food


Is essentially made of natural ingredients.  These ingredients are made of superior quality. Nutro natural dog foods are known for their quality. Your dog is sure to remain healthy and fine with nutro natural dog food products. These foods are sure to deliver ultra nutrition to your dog. It is an easy way to keep your dog healthy.


Nutro natural dog food is made from highest quality ingredients. Hence positive results are guaranteed. These food products are considered to be the healthiest brand and hence are preferred by many.


When it comes to dog foods, nutro natural dog food is a natural choice for many. Many dogs like the taste of these foods. If your dog is underweight then the best way to gain weight is by feeding the dog with nutro natural dog food products. These products are excellent in terms of quality and your dog will simply love it.


A variety of dog foods are available in market. Many dogs find it difficult to digest corn. If dogs have any problem in digesting any type of food they should change the diet. These dogs can conveniently opt for nutro natural dog food products. Rice is a digestible serial grain and is the main ingredient of many nutro natural dog food products. It is the healthiest diet available.


These products contain vitamins and antioxidants. Vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin E. Nutro natural dog food products are scientifically formulated using more than 80 years of experience. Leading nutritionists and veterinarians have done a lot of research before preparing this product.


Every nutro natural dog food product that is made contains finest natural ingredients along with minerals and vitamins for superior nutrition, performance and taste. If the ingredients are indeed of high quality then your dog is definitely going to have a healthy and lustrous skin.

If the product has best ingredients then this means it is easier to digest and your dog will simply love it as superior ingredients give superior taste. A healthy and a happy live to your dog is guaranteed when you feed your dog with nutro natural dog food. These products contain protein for body maintenance and muscle development.


Although nutro natural dog foods are a bit costly they provide you the important nutrients that are essential for the development of your dog. Nutro natural dog foods are suitable for all life stages of your dog. If your dog has a sensitive stomach then some nutro natural dog food products are specially designed for such dogs.


Nutro natural dog food products are available in cans and pouches. Nutro natural dog dry foods are also available. These products are safe and reliable. All nutro natural products are thoroughly tested before they are brought into the market. Standard quality assurance methods are used in testing the product.


Nutro natural dog food products combine highest nutritional benefits with great taste that is hard to resist for your dog.

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Coupons For Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food


Nutro natural choice dog food coupons are nothing but money saving coupons. You pay money to buy coupons and then use coupons to buy nutro natural choice dog foods. The use pf coupon has become a popular way and is preferred by many customers. There is absolutely no need to pay cash when buying these dog foods.


Nutro natural choice dog foods are generally given to less active dogs. It is one of the best selling food products in United States.


These coupons are called breeder buck coupon. To get the breeder coupon you have to member of nutro’s breeder program. Free coupons are distributed to those who become the member of nutro’s breeder program. You can use these breeder coupons for future savings. Thus it is advantageous for you if you become the member of nutro’s breeder program. You can purchase up to 2.72 kg of dog foods absolutely free.


So if you want go save money for your dog’s next meal then you should have a nutro natural choice dog food coupon. The ingredients of these food products are of high quality. Nutro natural choice dog foods are considered to be a reliable source for dog foods. There are no by products in these dog foods. That is why more and more people are trying to obtain nutro natural choice dog food coupons in order to purchase these dog food coupons.


Whenever you go in the market for buying dog foods, these nutro natural choice dog foods coupons will help you in getting dog food products free of cost.


If you want more information about nutro natural choice dog foods coupons you can always take the help of the internet. There are some websites that provide information about how to get these coupons. In fact some websites give nutro natural choice dog food discount coupons. If you agree their terms and conditions then the coupon is given immediately.


Unauthorized use and duplication of nutro natural choice dog foods is strictly prohibited coupons. If you fail to follow these rules then a strict legal action will be taken against you.


Generally you get 15 to 20% off on nutro natural choice dog foods when you show these coupons to the owner of a retail shop. Nutro natural choice dog food coupons are available online. You just have these websites your email id and the coupons will be delivered right away to your inbox. These coupons are suitable for those who prefer online shopping. Generally a coupon code is provided with these coupons. The coupon is generally valid for specific nutro natural choice dog food products.


Thus now you can buy nutro natural choice dog foods at a cheaper rate or sometimes without even giving a single penny. In case your coupon is not working you can always report to your problem to the websites.


While reporting you describe your problem and also give your email id.  So if you are interested in saving money then you should obtain nutro natural choice dog food coupons

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Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food


A natural choice when it comes to feeding the dog with high quality ingredients. Nutro natural choice dog food contains some of the best ingredients which are beneficial to your dog. You cannot simply ignore the health of your dog. What you dog eats determines your dog’s health. A highly nutritious food ensures a good health to your dog.


Whenever you keep a dog at home, you should see to it that the dog gets the right food. Improper food may damage the dog’s health. A variety of Nutro natural choice dog food products are available in the market and each variety is very useful for your dog.

Nutro natural choice foods are easier to digest. Stools of dogs that feed on nutro natural choice foods are solid and hence easier to clean. Hence it does not matter even if your dog has a stomach problem or a sensitive digestive track


Nutro natural choice dog food products will indeed be goods for your dogs. All ingredients are natural and no artificial components are added. These products have a positive impact on your dog’s skin. A shiny coat and a healthy are guaranteed if your regular diet consists of Nutro natural choice dog foods. An excellent healthy coat is an indication that the dog is being properly fed.


If you want your puppy to grow in a healthier way then you must your puppy with Nutro natural choice dog food products. If your dog has a itchy skin then this problem will vanish by feeding your with these products. Shedding and scratching are some of the problems that can be effectively treated using these products.


Most problems that are found in dogs are due to improper feeding. An overweight dog should be provided with a nutro natural choice dog food that has less food. Chemical preservative are not used in these products.


With the help of internet you can order nutro natural choice dog food products online. Most companies and retail shop owners have their own websites which becomes convenient if you order online. You save your money and time by ordering online.


Customers are extremely satisfied after buying these products. You will be able to se the positive results of your dog within weeks.


Your dog’s health is of prime importance. Hence you should not be careless when it comes to feeding the dog. Many nutritionists have recommended these products for the dog. If you want your dog to always remain active and energetic then you should feed your dog with these products on a regular basis.


Your dog’s life span will definitely increase with the help of these products. These products are an easy way to keep your dog healthy and fit. It contains the essential proteins and vitamins which are required for overall development of your dog.


They are much better than the packaged processed stuff. Your dog will lead a healthy life for all the years to come.

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Northwest Natural Raw Meat Dog Food


A natural and convenient way to feed any dog. Feed your dog with Northwest natural raw meat diet dog food and you will see the difference. Results are satisfying. The skin of your dog will look more beautiful. The coat of your shine. It will have a positive impact on your dog’s behavior. They will more energetic and active.


Northwest natural raw meat diet dog food is the main source of bio available nutrients that include amino acids, enzymes and unaltered proteins. These natural diets contain 95% meat. The rest are vegetables and fruits. These foods are very easy to feed. Wholesome raw meet is indeed for your dog’s health. It is a complete food for your dog.


North West protein offers mainly 3 protein types that include chicken, turkey and beef for dogs. These foods contain large amounts of minerals, antioxidants, proteins and vitamins.

It also contains fruits, raw vegetables and meats. All these ingredients are mixed carefully, rapidly frozen and then package it properly to preserve the wholesome, natural raw meat for your goodness.


You can take proper care of your dog by providing northwest natural raw meat diet dog food.

If you have no about the retail shops that provide northwest natural raw meat diet dog food, you can always take he help of internet. You can order these products online. The dog will be delivered at your house. Most retail shop provide good quality northwest natural raw meat diet dog food.


Northwest natural raw meat diet dog food are nutritionally balanced which promote development of bones, muscles, teeth and organs. The reason why many prefer to feed their dog with northwest natural raw meat diet dog food is that it has a great taste.


Northwest foods may be a bit costly but are essential for overall wellness of your dog.

The natural raw meet will definitely keep your dog happy and healthy. A healthy dog will not make you happy but will also change the atmosphere of your house. People will simply love healthy dogs and your dogs will be no exception to it.


Northwest food contain highest quality raw meet. Every possible care is taken while preparing northwest natural raw meat diet dog food. These foods are completely safe for your dogs. Raw vegetables used in making northwest foods are rich in  protein and hence beneficial for your dog.


Northwest natural raw meat diet dog foods are prepared by renowned animal nutritionists who have many years of experience in this field. Northwest natural raw meat diet dog foods can be regarded as a complete meal.


Northwest foods have become an overall diet for many dogs. Although Northwest natural raw meat diet dog foods are a bit costly, people don’t mind it as it these foods are highly nutritious. A variety of northwest food products are available in the market.


They are also high in calorie content which means more energy to your dogs.

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