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Active Plush Chew Ball


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This plush dog ball is made of a simple furry blue plush cover jumping activation ball. 

It is an attractive dog toy that looks simple blue furry cover. It offers continuous jumping and will last for about 12s, automatically shaking and barking until next to the next turn. 


This bouncy Ball Makes dogs extremely excited to chase and bite. This is the best toy for a dog to keep healthy with healthy activity through a non-toxic toy. It is also helpful to reduce boredom and destructive behavior naturally.

The look of this plush ball is attractive and soft. This comes with a soft, comfortable ball to cover the ball inside the cover with a small spinning and jumping function. This function can jump the ball for 10.12 seconds. This also has varieties of soft colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose according to your dog’s choice. So your dog will definitely play with a fun interactive toy, and that makes your pet fondle admiringly. Enjoy having fun with it!



Item Type: Pet Toy

Material: Plush

Diameter: 8 cm / 3.15 inch

Package Includes: 1 x Ball



  • Incredible soft 
  • Comfortable to use 
  • Attractive toy for dog
  • Above 10-sec jump continuously 

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soft plush and plastic


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