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Colorful Cotton Dog Rope Toy


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Let’s protect your home and help dogs get more fun!


As you know, when a dog is feeling lonely and its teeth are growing, the dog is a terrible chewer. Our Colorful Cotton Dog Rope Toy is designed for dogs to chew and protect you from chewing on your house (shoes, sofas, pillows, etc.). It’s not just about giving you a clean home and keeping your dog healthy, thanks to this special dog bite toys.


Rope Toys Come in a Variety of Styles:

  1. Different rope toys, made from non-toxic ropes, will keep your dogs entertained and active for hours.
  2. You can play tug of war with our great variety of rope toys, perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.


2 IQ treat balls, more fun

  1. 1 is a surface that sounds normal, is hard to roll over, and is easy for dogs to grasp. A squeaky treat ball attracts the dog’s attention and can be eaten while playing.
  2. The other is made of highly elastic natural rubber and has excellent durability. The ideal design not only controls the dog’s food intake but also develops the dog’s intelligence.


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