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Dog Silicone Rubber Bathing Brush


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Dog Silicone Rubber Bathing Brush is designed using a soap shampoo dispenser that is easy to fill, squeeze, and create a thick foam. The unique non-slip handle design easily fits the hand, saves storage space, and provides a comfortable grip.

Choose a BARKNTAILS- Dog bathing brush with food-grade silicone, very soft fluff, comfortable, and suitable for pet skin. It provides a gentler touch, is gentle to your dog, and keeps your pet clean and healthy. You can use it for a long time. The combination of shampoo and grooming brush allows you to wash your pet quickly and thoroughly and improves blood circulation in dogs and cats. Lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry.


Bathing Instructions:

  • Rinse your dog thoroughly
  • Open the cap on the brush and fill it with shampoo.
  • Then work your way backward, starting with the neck, and ending with the legs
  • Brush in the direction you want the hair to grow (to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation).
  • Rinse, and repeat!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Brush

Dog Bath Massage Brush with Shampoo Dispenser


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