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Dog Discs Flyer Silicone Toy


diameter 18cm


If your dog loves to fetch, then a Dog Discs Flyer Silicone Toy is one of the best dog toys around!

This soft Dog Discs Flyer Silicone Toy is perfect for throwing yards. Hitting the dog will not break or hurt the glass.

Flyer Silicone Toy is ideal for medium to large dogs. These dogs have no problem chasing or grabbing a Silicone Toy in the air.

Item Type: Grooming
Pet: Dogs
Material: Silicone
Size: 18 cm / 7.09 inch

Some varieties, especially those who are energetic, lean, weigh less than 50 pounds, and passionate about recovery, love to bring a frisbee more than others.

Detailed information about this item:

  • Safe MATERIAL: 100percentage Soft Silicone, good and safe for dogs to bite, especially for small dogs and puppies, won’t hurt tooth
  • Good for: big dogs, small dogs, puppies, pets
  • Colorful 6 pack: flying Discs in 6 colors, good for training and playing with dogs in big or small size
  • Size: 18cm, thickness)
  • Indoor and outdoor


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