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Non-Slip Puzzle Bowl for Dog


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Non-Slip Puzzle Bowl for Dog promotes healthy eating, swirling flower pattern design slows down fast meals, stops choking, regulates pets’ weight, prolongs mealtimes, and prevents indigestion, An interactive and fun feeder.

Small dog slow feeder bowls improve your dog’s healthy diet. Keep your furry friends healthy. One size fits all-Perfect for puppies, small, medium, and large dogs, the best health gift for dogs.


Product Specification:

Bottom diameter: 9.3 Inches
Bowl diameter: 7.3 Inches
Bowl High: 2 Inch
Weight: 5.4 Ounces
Product Material: Food-Grade PP material

Reason to Buy BARKNTAILS Puzzle Bowl

  1. Provides mental stimulation for your dog
  2. Helps to prevent bloat and GDV
  3. Keeps your dog fuller for longer
  4. Reducing problem behaviors may be beneficial
  5. Reduces the effects of aging on the brain


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