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Rabbit Fur False Mouse Cat Toys




Your cute cats may not look like it, but they are well-adapted carnivorous hunters and have a great hunting desire. But since we serve on a daily basis, they no longer have to go after their meals. So how does your cat satisfy this hunting urge? This is where Rabbit Fur False Mouse Cat Toys can help. They simulate the hunting experience in a safe and convenient way to help your cat stay happy, healthy, and fulfilling. Without the right toys, cats try to turn their belongings such as shoes and furniture into toys. Scratching and biting to release them will make you a frustrated and angry owner.

Material: silicone

Weight: 10g

Size: 13*6*3cm

Color: Color random delivery

Package Included:3xCat Toy Mouse

About this item

  • Colors that are realistic
  • Colors that are realistic
  • Provide hours of exercise and fun
  • A healthy outlet for the cat’s hunting instinct
  • Mice can feel noses and eyes
  • Real fur

Additional information

Toys Type

Mice & Animal Toys

Item Type

Cat Toys




10 pcs

Body Length

5 cm


2 cm

Tail Length

6 cm


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